The story of us begins when a retired real estate broker combined forces with a service industry business owner to create a promotional design company.  The purpose of the company was to create upscale promotional advertising gear that expressed the “vibe” of today.  

Over previous years both regularly attended many trade show events that seemingly had the same kinds of poorly produced items.  Each event had only two basic kinds of promotional items, those that were awesome and those that were simply awful.

The mission was to seek extraordinary items and have them imprinted with full color logos designed for our clients.  As our product lines increased so did the types of clients that partnered with us.

Today we are blessed with an outstanding team allowing us to serve schools, fundraisers, event planners, non-profit organizations, as well as business owners.  Our job is to search the globe seeking Vantastic Ideas that provide fresh new ways to partner and promote.

We encourage you to visit our page at www.Vantastic365.com but for truly Vantastic Ideas, give us a call (248)783-6377.  Our team is ready to partner and explore awesome ways to exceed your promotional advertising goals.