Anti Tangle Charging Cord

Works with most smartphones including traditional Android, IOS, C-Type (New Universal) Available in 12 colors. This great creative design combines micro-USB transmission lines and fashion bracelet. Charge & sync your phone or device using the micro USB connector on cable and plug the USB Type A connector into a laptop, desktop, power bank, or USB wall charger.

  • Category: FRESH IDEAS
  • SKU: VDP-003





Non-Tangle cell phone charging cord, available for iOS, Android, and C-TYPE model smartphones.

Perfect to keep on your gearshift, rearview mirror, or in the bottom of your purse.

Not designed to replace your manufacturer supplied cord, but rather this is the cord in your back pocket available when your mandatory cord is unavailable. Using this cord, away from home can help to extend the life of the manufacturer cord, because you no longer are balling, and tangling it up, trying to jam it in your purse.

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